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Decoding Skin Language: Understanding Skin Cancer Mole Signs and Symptoms

In the tapestry of skin cancer, where every mole tells a story, Mole Check Clinic emerges as a beacon of expertise, with branches nestled in the heart of Box Hill and Keysborough. In this exploration of skin health, let’s delve into the intricacies of mole checks, deciphering the signs and symptoms that can be early indicators of skin cancer.


Call SunSkin Clinic to a Skin Cancer Check

The primary purpose of a skin check clinic is to provide comprehensive skin examinations to detect early signs of skin cancer or other dermatological conditions. During a skin check, the healthcare professional will carefully examine your skin, looking for any suspicious moles, lesions, or abnormalities. They may use specialised tools like dermatoscopes to magnify and evaluate the skin closely.


Scar Treatment 101: What are the First Steps?

Scar formation is common after any injury. Scars form as the skin continues to heal naturally over a while. Although several scar treatment options are available, the general line of treatments includes the application of antibacterial ointments, keeping the area clean, refraining from picking scabs and protecting the area from sun exposure. In some cases, however, the scars may be prominent ones in visible areas and therefore need specific treatments. We discuss some treatment options here.