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Total Body Mole Imaging

Moles on the body are one of the likely signs of skin cancer that need to be examined if any of these start showing unusual changes. A full body mole scan or imaging is one of the surest ways to determine if the mole in question is cancerous or not.

When the skin doctor looks at the mole and is monitoring whether the mole is cancerous, s/he would benefit from a full body mole map or imaging to determine if changes that occur are cancerous or not. When a skin doctor has a mole map or maging of his/her patient it becomes easier for him/her to identify cancerous growth. In certain cases, the patient won’t even be required to get a biopsy done for his/her mole.

Early detection of cancerous growth on any one or more of the moles gives the patient a chance to get better under quality treatment. Today, mole-mapping or imaging is a very important option for dermatologists and skin cancer doctors to determine cancerous growth in any of the moles.

Full Body CT Scan

A full body CT scan is recommended by the doctor when s/he suspects spread cancer to multiple parts of the body. Melanoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma are examples of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body.

When a doctor suspects or discovers these types of cancers, he/she may organize a full body CT scan for you depending on the growth of cancer found. With the help of a full-body mole map or imaging, it becomes easier for the doctor to closely keep track of changes to your moles to detect skin cancers early and prevent the need for a skin cancer body check
The mole map or imaging of a patient’s body is created by taking multiple photographs of the body where the moles have appeared.

After carefully examining each and every mole post-scanning, the doctor explains to the patient the exact condition and whether any of the moles are cancerous.

When to Consult a Doctor

It’s not easy for anyone to look at any skin disorder and imagine that s/he needs any kind of checking for skin cancer. However, a skin cancer doctor, would know to differentiate nature of the skin disorder if it is cancerous or not. When suspecting any potential cancerous growth, you will need to search online for Australian Skin Cancer Clinic locations to consult a skin cancer doctor near you who can examine your skin.

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